Basic Beginners

This class is taught by:

Lauren Chandler

Lauren took her first formal yoga classes at the age of fourteen and has continued to explore asana and philosophy with increasing interest and enthusiasm. Her first teacher and greatest inspiration is her mother, a certified Iyengar Yoga teacher with over 40 years of practice on the mat. After moving to New York she completed her teacher training at Jai Yoga Arts. She loves to play with movement, looking for correct alignment to unlock stagnant energy in the body, while striving to hear more clearly the wisdom of the higher Self. Lauren enjoys the challenges of a consistant practice and is continually inspired by it's positive impact on her life and the lives of others. Through yoga Lauren has opened her heart and found her home.

Sarah Lowndes

Sarah discovered the peace of yoga in hectic NYC. She was immediately attracted to the philosophy of yoga, which she felt was in line with her own personal discoveries on life and living. Soon after she started a personal practice, Sarah knew she wanted to become a teacher and earned her 200-hour certification through Jai Yoga Arts' Teacher Training Program in 2012. Sarah's classes are a mix of body awareness and mental presence that open students' hearts and encourage playfulness and joy.

Denise Fan

Out of curiosity, and in hopes of diversifying her fitness regimen, Denise attended her very first yoga class at her gym in 2010. Little did she know she would not only be embracing a new form of a fitness, but a new lifestyle. The discovery of breath allowed her to make transformations in her physical practice as well as guide her interactions off the mat. As a result of those who crossed her path throughout her journey, Denise began to learn valuable lessons on confidence, self-respect and humbleness. Under the encouragement of her instructor, she completed her training at Laughing Lotus, where their unique teaching epitomized a true union of breath, movement, and most important of all, fun. Through asana, pranayama and meditation, she aspires to share what she has learned with others and guide them along their physical and spiritual journey.

Francesca Marini

Francesca Marini is devoted to exploring and sharing wellness through the study of movement, plants, breath and energy. She found yoga at age sixteen after undergoing spine surgery and quickly became intrigued by the physical benefits as well as the mind-body connection she never knew was missing from her life. She completed her 200-hour training at the Sivananda Ashram Yoga Ranch in 2011, apprenticed with Ella Luckett in 2012, and completed her 85-hour prenatal yoga teacher training with Deb Flashenberg at Prenatal Yoga Center in 2016. She hopes to guide students to find deeper connection and balance within themselves by sharing a yoga practice designed to nourish the nervous system and tone the body. Francesca has a master’s degree in Int. Health Studies with certification in Guided Imagery and Wellness Coaching, and is also a certified Labor and Postpartum Doula.

Allen Watts

Allen Watts was trained in the Kripalu lineage in 2013 after spending six months in service at Kripalu center in the Berkshire mountains. From his time there here he gained an unrelenting faith in the healing power of spiritual practice. Allen continues to deepen his knowledge of the practice in several ways including the apprenticeship with Ella Luckett, at Jai Yoga Arts. Allen offers passionate and precise instruction in his classes with a warm tone and sense of humor. 

Jai Instructor

All the Jai teachers are hand selected for their deep commitment to yogic principles, solid teaching skills, and warm personalities.
"Jai Teacher" just means it is a slightly newer teacher to the Jai team and we haven't gotten them into the computer yet. But you can have every confidence you'll have a great time in these classes! Come and enjoy! :)
Come learn the fundamentals of yoga that will allow you to attend any regular yoga class with confidence! You will learn basic yoga poses, how to "flow through the vinyasa", some alignment principles, and most importantly, how to use your breath in poses. It's also a great class for experienced students who want to receive more detailed instruction on alignment.