Miriam Castillo

Miriam has been exploring yoga for the past 8 years. She ventured to north India in 2012 to accomplish her first 200 hr teacher training in Rishikesh Yog Peeth, where her journey as a teacher began. Later in 2014 she continued her education in Bali Indonesia at Zuna Yoga 300 hr teacher training under the Tantric tradition.
She is passionate about inspiring yoga thru practice and art. She believes that practice it's about finding what serves you in the moment to develop creativity in life to empower the body, mind and spirit, aligning them with your highest intentions. Currently teaching at class at Jain Yoga Arts in Brooklyn, her class is an ashtanga based sequence. A complete flow and endurance building vinyasa. visit: miriamcastillo.com/#/yoga-series/ and yogafor.us

Miriam Castillo instructs the following:
  • All Flow
  • This is an active vinyasa class where both beginners and experienced students practice side by side. The teacher offers options to meet each persons needs. You will connect breath with movement to unlock the body's tension and relieve stress while building core strength and mindful focus. A healing and energizing experience for "All" levels.