May's Theme: Let go, there is abundance

Let Go, there is Abundance...

We use tapas, heat, to work through things that may have jagged edges. Tapas is the idea that we must be willing to accept a little bit of pain in order to clear our path and attain the goals we have. This effort is good. We must constantly grow bigger than our ego to become better and better at the relationships in our lives whether they be work friendship or love.

But a resting confidence in the principle of abundance should always sit beside these efforts. 
With the underlying feeling of abundance we remember the ability to let go. And so if the efforts becomes too convoluted, or the resistance is to great, we follow the divine order of things and release our attachment to the outcome.

Embrace the game of life in all its efforts, victories and losses. It should always be fun to strive reach, and attain! But never forget the balance that the flow of abundance asks us to give up as much as we receive. When we are filled with abundance, we can let go when it's right to let go. We deeply trust, that more is coming...