Vinyasa by Danielle Hernandez


Vinyasa links our breath to movement one doesn't not exist without the other they move side by side, intertwined. As we move with intent our minds start to settle, we tune in to our breath we create our own rhythm, we are present. Each breath peels away our past, thoughts, experiences, and the many roles we have to play to be part of this world. When the layers start to dissolve the light of our true nature starts to shine through.
Using vinyasa, we are granted the acces to our true nature, our soul. We begin to see this light shine on our everyday life decisions, relationships our overall attitude. When we act from this place we don't hold on to our experiences, roles or past. We express ourself freely, and unattached to any expectation. Through vinyasa/yoga we get the opportunity to be, or better yet to practice being a living breathing warrior of light!

August Theme - Vinyasa

by Ella Luckett

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Last month's theme “Who’se driving this thing?” really got me thinking about our movements through life and the connecting moments from place to place, person to person, role to role. In my life I'm a friend, yoga teacher, daughter, business owner… I'm in Brooklyn, Manhattan, travelling to teach places like Thailand and Costa Rica, trying to create a second home in Colorado.  All at once I'm in the past, present and future, I'm being here now, and laying seeds for being in places far away and in the future, as well as being in relationships with people some of whom I have not yet met, and some of whom don't even yet exist.
The capacity to hold all of this in one little body and mind is the great privilege and the great plight of being human. The only way to find peace and happiness within such complexity is to find the overall connecting, linking mechanisms. Find the vinyasa. Faith, love, breath, awaken to the joy of the process.
Artist Dave Matthews sings: It's the space between, your heart and mine, is the space we'll fill with time."...

Of this great journey, I have some navigating powers, and I have the power to let go and fly. Riding the space between, the momentum of all the moving parts spinning and lifting with trust and without hesitation. Pausing for reflection in the quiet moments fiercely dancing, engaged in the dynamic flow.
Embrace the many different facets of your life as if they were each a pose in a vinyasa class, or a movement in a dance. Rather than being overwhelmed by the seemingly disjointed parts, breathe life into the space between. The linking mechanism, the (insert Shiva definition here),( the fascia) that connects it all into one. Stepping back from the ever working mind is the very definition of mediation, we can finally see our whole life as whole. When we are not driving forcibly into one corner of it or another, the vinyasa of it all, the link that allows us to be at once all parts of ourselves, is our key to freedom. Our ride to the ecstasy of this beautiful, messy, big and tiny life is trusting, flowing, flying in the vinyasa.