New Light In The New Year!

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This year has proven that the balance of light and dark is always moving. Politically we close a "summer" of enlightened leadership, and tomorrow we'll enter a "winter" where the leadership holds few of our values. This means we are on our own. But when the lights go out, we reach out more intentionally to find each others' hands to hold.

I have seen and felt a remarkable shift since the election of like minded people coming together, opening their hearts more, and realizing how much we really need each other. I trust the process of the universe, and I know that although this seems like frightening darkness, it is an awakening of sorts. The more unstable our external structures become, the more strong we become inside ourselves.

Please do not let despair taint your entrance into this new day. We are the light. And we will shine brighter than ever, together. Remember, for light to exist, there must be darkness.

This is the perfect time to dive deeper into your yoga practice and uncover your own strength, wisdom and Intuition. It's perfect timing that Deepen the Flow starts on January 21st. This will be a powerful journey to the depths of your soul. One which will bring you close to a group of incredible people. You'll create unshakable bonds and see things from a new perspective of abundance and empowerment. I hope you'll join me, it's going to be a beautiful three weeks.



 I was at an amazing dance party this week, dancing my ass off, shaking out tension, and feeling connected to my soul again. There was a moment, when I needed a break, and some water, and before jumping back in, I just stood at the edge of the room.

I often forget that I am being given to, all the time.
gain dance
Looking at everyone dancing, and the dj laying out the vibe for us. I lingered for a while there. Receiving. "It's not all about me," I thought. "Get out of looking inward, and see all that's overflowing from others." I received the gift of all these people willing to let go, be themselves, and express with their bodies. I received the dj's intention to provide uplifting rhythm and tone. I took it all in, and felt the awesome gift of this experience.
As hard workers, passionate creators, and seekers of the good life, we are often in a mode of thinking, processing, talking, knowing... This month, I invite you to remember how to open up and receive.

We hang out with a friend and receive their time and attention, we take the train and receive a cool ride through a tunnel too our destination, we go to a party and receive a celebration, we go home for the holidays and receive a warm re-connection to the source of our creation.

When we can see all that we receive we become overflowing with the feeling of abundance and gratitude, and for a second, just one moment, we forget about ourselves and all we want and work for, and haven't gotten yet. We just let it in, and that is a really good feeling.

This holiday, there are so many gifts besides the ones that are wrapped. Open your eyes and hearts and receive. :)