Three Poses for INNER STRENGTH

Feeling tossed around by the world? 
Here's Three Poses to develop your Inner Strength...

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1.  Navasana (Boat Pose)

Navasana gets deep within our core strength muscles: Psoas, and the abs. Practice going from Navasana to updog three times in a row, to stretch and then engage these muscles.

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In Warrior 2 we practice having calm strength. the upper body should be relaxed, drop the lowerback and shoulders down so they are not tense, and let the legs fire up to support your super warrior. Last thing is the drishti: give a steady gaze on a single spot straight out infront of you to get the full laser strong focus of this pose. 

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3. BAKASANA: (Crow Pose)

Crow is the ultimate flying pose. In this pose engage Uddiana Bandha "The flying up lock" by drawing the navel back into the spine. To get flight  draw our energy upward toward the heart.

My favorite teaching tip in Bakasana:

Instead of resting the knees "on" the arms, wrap the legs around the outside of the arms and squeeze inward. This engages even more inner strength, but is twice as likely to give you flight as trying to balance on the elbows. 

Tell me below what your favorite inner strength pose is! 


Inner Strength (June Theme)

Inner Strength!

Inner strength grows when you start to believe whole heartedly that absolutely no one or nothing has the power over your happiness but you.

When life feels off balance in some way, it's natural to look at our external circumstances and check to see if any change needs to be made. While it's true, making changes to our external lives can reflect intuitive direction toward continued growth, what happens when you've tried all the changes you could, externally, and something just still feels wrong?
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This is the time to dig into your inner strength. Strength comes in many forms. One particular form is the strength to make deep internal shifts of thought and perspective. Look at where you feel unfulfilled and be honest with yourself as to what really needs to shift to attain the sense of "wholeness" you desire. Making changes from the inside will manifest bigger changes on the outside, than any externally driven changes could produce.  

I spent the last few months focusing on a lot of external forces. The things that stress me out, the lack of certain things, the heavy burden of other things I could not control... I kept looking outside and planned for big changes to fix this feeling inside that everything was wrong. 

But the external shifts I was proposing to myself were not helping me to feel more confident, happier or whole. So I started then to look within. I did some deep inner work, as to the nature of what I was looking for, and what was really getting in the way of it. As it turns out, the biggest obstacle wasn't all of these external things I thought they were. They were blocks inside: Doubts of my own power, worth, abilities, and potential.   I got underneath those doubts and held compassion for them, while systematically dissolving these untrue, unfounded thoughts.

Now, as I move forward, these deep inner changes are manifesting on the outside as well. It's really amazing how the way we see the world and ourselves in it, really does define reality. You can change the movie all together from a tragedy to a comedy, but not without being courageous and humble, and conjuring up your deepest inner strength.