Photo May 09, 3 56 08 PM
by Holly Stephens (Right)

While I don't believe in god, I do believe in my connection and devotion to the earth and other beings, and sharing my energy with each. I certainly feel this in July, considering the warm weather and celebrations with friends. Yet in the winter, we sometimes forget to appreciate both. We'd rather neglect our friends and coop up with a blanket, resenting the city shrouded in snow and dismal, gray skies. I'm taking July to appreciate weather for all it brings, even as rain falls outside while typing this. I'm also going to strengthen my bond with friends. I've felt rather lonely lately, as my family lives far and both my friends and I are wrapped up in our careers. But that's within my power to change, and a simply hurdle along the way. Even sharing devotion and energy with strangers is transformative. I feel that sweet bliss in the studio, connected by breath and movement with those I practice and teach with. We're all there for the same reason, and to share that bliss equally. Reveling in devotion is free and to be found everywhere.