A New You

Happy New Year everyone...

The first breath: feel the wealth, the warmth and sweetness this life already holds for you...

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Second, Third and beyond breaths: Envision all that you want to create this year. Breath life into each and every dream in your soul right now. See it feel it coming to life in the same way you feel the elements what you already have.

Time is circular. Your dreams have already happened in your heart, now your body gets to live them! It will take courage to bring them to life. And you may have to let go of somethings to make room...

Embrace the cool shadows that the warm light ahead of you will create, as some things you formerly cherished, humbly stand aside. A bigger picture is rising up on the horizon. Follow the flow into life's new reality. If you dreamed it it can't be wrong. Release doubt and float down the river. The ocean will catch you, and with its massive abundance, it will whisper in your ear, "thank you for trusting the journey, and welcome to your life."
I Love you. You can do this.