Dear Prospective Students,

14 years ago, when I took my first yoga teacher training program in San Francisco, I had no idea my path would be to become a professional yoga teacher, nor did I dream I would be in the position of offering yoga teacher certification to others. In fact, I felt terrified, and unqualified to do a teacher training program, let alone be a teacher. At the time, I remember worrying about the fact that I didn't even have the arm strength to do chattauranga properly.

But I was fueled by one thing: Yoga had caused a profound shift for me. It had brought my spirit back to life, from the quiet sadness I had been sleeping in for several years. And that newly awoken soul felt so strongly pulled to this practice, I just had to go deeper.

After teaching yoga to thousands of students from coast to coast, it was a dream come true to open Jai in 2011, with the intention of offering teacher training programs to open and eager students such as yourself. The dozens of students who have gone through the Jai program, have blossomed right before my eyes, I see the fear in them that I once had, slowly transform into confidence. I've seen their doubts about the world itself, progressively melt into a vision of the world’s potential. And whether they go on to teach a lot or just a little, or not at all, I've watched with a smile, as they take life by the reigns and become their own leader, in all aspects of life.

Read some of their stories below, and then come and meet me. I look forward to learning about you, and to sharing with you the simultaneously, ancient and very current wisdom of yoga.

Ella Luckett,
Founder Jai Yoga Arts,
Teacher Training Director